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How to Approach a Man for Sex

There are many ways to approach a man for sex without coming off looking like a prostitute.

I am writing this article for women who may not be quite attractive enough to have men approaching them for sex ten times a day.

Sometimes even the most beautiful women have trouble getting laid, because they seem unapproachable, and when they do get advances, it's usually from a drunk sleazebag, so you need to know how to approach a man for sex.

It's very simple to give a man the signs that you are ready and willing, without coming across too much like a hooker. If you just go up to a man you don't know, (anywhere), and start talking to him, he will pretty much know straight away you are interested, and if he doesn't get it, just touch him on the arm, or laugh a bit.

By this stage, if he's not giving you his undivided attention, you may want to move on, but if you want to persist, ask him if he has a girlfriend. Ask him if he likes your dress, pointing to your boobs.

You don't want to go overboard, but you could ask him if he wants to get some food with you, (your treat), and if you fail at this attempt a few times, you may be approaching men who are out of your league.

Approaching a man who you can have sex with

By choosing a man who obviously doesn't get laid much, you will increase your chances of success a hundred times, (if it hasn't already worked on the hot guys nine times out of ten).

Many women might feel that they want a long term relationship, and it's not worth messing around with a one night stand, but then some girls don't get laid for years, and sometimes what you think will be a one night stand turns into a relationship.

What can you do to increase your chances further? You can do your best to get in shape, get a makeover, and show off your best assets, again without looking too slutty. Only girls with a really hot body can pull off the hooker look, but then they would look good in anything.

I suggest that it is a really good idea for women to make the first move, and approach a man for sex, because they have the advantage of being women, and will get rejected a lot less than men. Personally, I don't go out anymore, because I find it too hard to approach women in bars, but if women did all the chasing, I would go out every night.

I have tried dating online, on sites like Plenty of Fish, and that works OK, but I stopped doing that as well, because the women were still way too choosy. Basically, if a woman wants to find me these days, she has to catch me at the supermarket, and throw herself at me.

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